DMCC Round 2 : Recap with Marc Landreville at Autodrome Chaudière

Setting up the final preparations on the V8 S14 to smoke tires at DMCC’s 2nd round at the Autodrome Chaudiere

After all the efforts put on the car prior to the race, practices were going very well, car was doing great and we were confident for the day to come

Even though it was Marc’s first round ever at the Autodrome Chaudiere, he got around quickly, and after analyzing the track and all its curves, shredding through the track was amazing

Good mechanics are necessary for the car to run smoothly and Étienne Bélanger & Denis Landreville are a big help in making this all happen

Getting in line to burn some VP Fuel after the rain started

Smoke under water 🙂 Getting back on track under the rain during practice sessions

Even though the car was fine tuned to smoke tires on that day, rain came and soaked the track. Practices were still going well until….

…Marc lost control of the car in the second curve and 360’d into the very end of the wall. Even though the front end of the car was trashed, he was still lucky that the direction wasn’t affected, and after fixing some surprisingly minor damages, he was still able to get back on track for a last few practice runs before qualifications.

A beautifully painted helmet, done by PBKreations 🙂

After fixing the car’s front, Marc was back on track and drifting through a track that he hardly knew on qualification runs. His First qualification run landed a score of 84.

On his second qualification run, Marc slipped out on the entrance into the infield, but still managed to regain control and finished with an overall score of 84 for the qualifications, placing him in 3rd place on the starting grid.

Driver presentation, well surrounded with his daughter and girlfriend 🙂

Unfortunately, on our way to the top 16, the pickup tube for the fuel pump blew, and pushed Marc to abandon the race

Overall, even though Marc couldn’t finish the race, he still accumulated 62 points on his first visit at the Autodrome Chaudiere. He will be ready for the next DMCC event being held at the Icar circuit near Montreal n July 29th!

DMCC Round 2 Recap for Marc Landreville

Video recap for DMCC-Drift Round 2 2017 at Autodrome Chaudiere Vallée-Jonction !Video by NICKB Media Media Thanks to all our sponsors for their support.also to my team who been able to repair the car after a wall hit !Perry Performance and CompetitionPink paradise Garage MLRSCALE suspensionCastrol CanadaVP Racing FuelsInterstate BatteriesPrécision EFIAdvanced Clutch TechnologyBC Brian CrowerNational Performance Turbo by GarettAffichage.caRemorquage SS PlusHJC HelmetsPBKreation JagImagingMT Custom LightsZestino tires Quebec Joliette ToyotaShortFused Photography

Posted by Marc Landreville #11 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Marc could not make this happen with out all of his great sponsors;

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Source and photos by ShortFused Photography


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Performance : 9am to 6pm / Sat. 9am to 1pm
* Closed from noon to 1pm
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