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Finally it was time for the start of the 2017 Formula Drift Canada season. To spice things up it was going to be a double header event so RD 1 was taking place on Saturday and RD2 on the Sunday and it was all going down at Autodrome MontMagny that is just outside of Quebec City..

For this weekend Marc was using his back up car which is a V8 powered S14. His 2JZ car and the one he won his Formula D Pro 2 Championship with was not ready in time for this event as it was getting battle ready for the upcoming Formula D USA event at Autodrome St-Eustache.

Even tho Marc was not using his main car this V8 S14 is no slouch. It had been race prepped from A to Z to be set on kill for this weekend. Everything was ready to go besides a alternator bracket that failed on the car the night before the event causing the team to scramble and have to rush out to a shop that was over an hour away in order to get it fixed. Getting to bed at 5am the night before a event is standard stuff right?

With the car now 100% ready it was time to head out for the practice session of the day.

On Marcs very first run he went in a little too hot and took the very high line…Its ok he didnt need that bumper anyway..

But it didn’t take him long to have the track down and was putting down some solid runs.

With the car and marc dialled it was time for a little break before going out for qualifications.

Marc went out and killed it. Putting down the top scores of the day and getting the #1 qualificaion spot.

Top 16 introductions with his #1 fan!

Marc was ready for battle.

Right off the bat Marc did not have it easy facing Dave Briggs in his Top 16 bracket. Dave and Marc have a long history of intense battles over the years. On Marcs lead run Dave came in a tad too hot made contact and then spun. The contact didnt phase Marc and it pretty much confirmed the win.

Top 8 Marc faced Jonathan Nerren in his bad ass v8 Supercharged S14. Contact was made on initiation causing Jonathan to pretty much loose drift but Marc was able too hold it down and finish his run. Marc takes the win.

Next up Marc was facing Tom Tom.. Coming into the first zone contact was made yet again. Marcs wheel was badly damaged and caused his tire to come off the bead. Marc was able to power through it and finish off his lead run. Sadly Tom Tom’s car got damaged enough that even after a 5 min his team was not able to repair the car. Marc moves on to the final battle of the night.

Battling for the first place on the podium Marc was going against Troy Maners in his 1JZ S13.

It was an epic battle! Marc put down a great lead run but Troy also had a good chase. On Marcs chase run he put the pressure on. Troy went wide going into the infield and touched the outer wall. He was able to save the car from disaster but caused him to spin.

Marc takes home the win at Formula Drift Canada RD1 !!! And after all that we still have RD2 tomorrow!

After taking home the win last night it was time to get focused for a completely new day of competition.

The day started off with a huge open practice session.

The course lay out was not changed between the two RD’s so Marc already had the car dialled. After a few hours of practice it was time for qualification rounds to begin.

Like a machine Marc put down a almost perfect run earning him once again the top qualification spot.

With some crazy thunder storms on the way the usually top 16 drivers intro’s were skipped in order to get the be able to get the event done in dry conditions.

Crazy how drifting works some times, Last nights final pairing were now facing each other in Top 16.

Marc put down an excellent chase and made up for his little dirt drop action on his lead run getting the OMT call.

This time Marc put down two great runs and was on to the Great 8.

In his Great 8 match up Marc face Babu. Babu drive great but Marc was out for blood taking the win and moving on to the Final 4.

In the Final 4 Marc faced Youri Levesque. He pushed way to hard on initiation and went pretty much off course. Even tho he didn’t lift Youri took the opportunity and passed Marc.. Was not looking good at this point.

Having his new baby at the event must of brought him some good luck since on Youri’s lead run he spun it right infront of Marc…. This battle was going OMT!

This time it was a great battle between both drivers..

Marc was awarded the win! Onto the battle for the top of the podium..

We could not of asked for a better final pairing. Marc VS Dave Briggs.

Marc didn’t take any chances and turned it up! Put down two great runs..

And with that Marc Landreville takes home his second win of the weekend and of FDC RD2.

No better then to celebrate a win then with your dad on Fathers day.

Next event will be a big one! Marc will be running with the FD Pro’s in his 2JZ car but also competing in FDC RD3 with his V8 car… Going to be a hard core weekend running two events at once.

Marc could not make this happen with out all of his great sponsors;

Perry Performance
Pink paradise
Garage MLR
Vp Racefuel
Scale suspension
Castrol Canada
National Performance
Interstate Batteries
Advanced Clutch Technologies
Brian Crower
Turbo by Garett
Precision efi
Hjc helmets
Remorquage ss plus
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Addresse: 2110 Monterey, Laval, QC

Performance : 9am à 6pm / Sam. 9am à 1pm
* Fermé de midi à 1pm
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