Marc Landreville : 2017 Formula Drift Canada Champion – End of season recap

The 2017 Formula Drift Canada season is officially over. The final half of the season flew by and when the dust settle Marc Landreville was the 2017 FDC Champion!!! Here is how it went down.

After wining both FDC RD1 and 2 as well as doing pretty good during the Formula D USA/Canada event the next stop was more of a fun one. FDC put on a drift demo at the Grand Prix Trois Rivieres. It was a no stress event where drivers could come out and put on a show for fans and it was also a great place for sponsor visibility.

Marc chasing Jonathan Guitard… I hope that corner worker got a good

The GP3R event was a nice way to have some fun before the second half of the season. Marc was in the lead for the championship and had his eye on keeping that lead.

RD4 took place at Autodrome Montmagny . Before going out for the first practice session of the event Marc took some time to go watch the ASE Drift Club Pro Am guys run.

Practice was great and Marc had the track down perfect.

For qualification Marc does what he usually does and put down a killer lap getting him the number one qualification spot.

During the break the team tried to fix a throttle body problem that had started given some issues.

The weather was perfect and with his mom by his side at the Top 16 drivers introductions.

The Pro Am guys ran first so when it was time for the FDC Pro’s to get on track it was already night time. With Marcs qualification position it meant he had a by run in Top 16.

As luck would have it the clouds opened up and soaked the track just in time for Marcs Great 8 battle against Tyle Nelson.

The rain surprised the team and the cars setup was not that great in the wet not to mention the moisture started causing the throttle body issues to come back. Tyler got the win leaving Marc finishing 5th over all for FDC RD4 and maintaining his championship lead.

The season finally was going to be a big one. The labour day drift event has been going on for 10 years and this year was going to be even more intense as it was going to be a double header weekend. RD6 was going to be the Sunday and RD7 the monday or thats how it was set to be…..

With the warning of tropical storms ( yes we are in ) and an unbelievable amount of standing water on the track the decision was made to postpone the RD6 till tomorrow. So that meant RD6 in the morning/afternoone and then RD7 right after as a evening night event and not to mention they would be changing the course layout to keep things spicy.

So take two for the final event of the year and thankfully it was nice out. With such a tight schedule there was only one practice session before going right into qualifications.

To start off the day FDC was running the same layout that they had ran when FD USA had been here earlier this year so that the drivers would be somewhat familiar with it.

Marc did not waste any time and got the layout down.

With Marc sitting in the number one spot it let him have a chance to watch his fellow competitors do their qualifiaction laps.

With some pretty high scores on the board Marc knew he had to put down one hell of a run and thats he did! Locking in the top qualifications spot.

With that top spot Marc had a bye to the Great 8.

Into the Great 8 and Marc won against Doug Van Der Brink in his bad ass turbo mustang.

Final 4 Marc went up against Dave Briggs.. This was a great battle between two long time rivals and in the end Dave was awarded the win. With Marc’s high qualification position he would get the 3rd podium spot for RD6!

And just like that it was FDC RD7!!! The Layout they were running for this round is one of the coolest with a high speed initation.

Again with the short time the drivers had a quick practice session and it was straight into qualifications.

It seems mother nature hates us since half way through qualification it started to rain. .The rain didnt faze Marc and he put down an other killer lap once again earning him the number one spot.

Marc had a bye for his Top 16.

Marc ended up also having a bye for his Great 8 since his competitor got disqualified. It at least gave him a chance to test out the track conditions that were getting worse and worse.

Final 4!! And the conditions were horrible. Marc battled Martin Langlois who has been killing it this year in the wet. It was a close battle but Martin got the win but that still gave Marc the 3rd podium spot for RD7 and locking in his 2017 Championship win!!!

RD6 Podium

RD7 Podium

2017 Formula Drift Canada Champion


It has been a crazy season and taking home the overall championship could not of been done with out the hard work of the team and support of all the sponsors.

Perry Performance
Pink paradise
Garage MLR
Vp Racefuel
Scale suspension
Castrol Canada
National Performance
Interstate Batteries
Advanced Clutch Technologies
Brian Crower
Turbo by Garett
Precision efi
Hjc helmets
Remorquage ss plus
Manson Design
Mt custom light
Joliette Toyota
Nick b média
Jag imaging
ShortFused photography


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Performance : 9am to 6pm / Sat. 9am to 1pm
* Closed from noon to 1pm
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