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The biggest drift event of the year is with out a doubt the weekend Formula D rolls into town. The event consist of Formula D Canada RD3 and Formula D ( US ) RD5 and it all goes down at the Canadian House, Autodrome St-Eustache. To make things even more insteresting, Marc was competing in both FD and FDC events!

On the Thursday all the teams rolled in to set up and for practice sessions.

The original plan was for Marc to run FD Canada with his V8 S14 and run FD US with his 2JZ S14 but after some damage suffered to the V8 car at a DMCC event the weekend before the decision was made to run both series with the 2JZ car.

With the pit area set up and drivers meeting completed it was time to head out and burn some tires for the first practice session of the day.

Even tho it had been 8 months since Marc drove his 2JZ car and to add to the fact that the car only got finishing fine tuning its engine and suspension the day before, Marc was looking strong right off the bat.

Marc even has some great practice runs with a certain mustang pilote.

After the FD US practice session it was time for the FD Canada practice session. Marc made use of all the time he could to get the car dialled in.

Friday: Qualification day for both FD Can and FD US.

Marc locked and loaded wating to head out for a short practice session.

Those Achilles tires sure can smoke!

Quick bite to eat before qualification.

FD Can qualifications were up first. Marc put down two great runs despite having it start to rain on his second run and he locked himself into the 3rd qualifiing position.

FD US qualifying was an event all on its own. The track was super wet in some areas and drying in others and being the first out Marc had some of the worse conditions but never the less he put down some solid runs and got into 12th place.

Saturday: Event day!

With the sun out and the grand stands packed it was time for a quick practice session before the FD Canada Top 16 event.

Marc really started pushing but the engine started having a few issues so the team had to deal with that instead of being able to get the suspension dialled in the way they wanted.


Marc won his battle against Francis Doyon in his bad ass S15.

In the Great 8 Marc faced off against Tyler Nelson. It was a great battle between both drivers and in the end the judges sided with Tyler for the win. Tyler would end up going on and winning the event.

Even tho Marc did not podium in FD Canada his is still in the lead of the championship by 105 pointa over second place.

FormulaD US Top 32

Marc was against Kyle Mohan in his 3 rotor MX5. Marc put down a good chase off the bat.

On his lead run Marc put some serious distance but due to a few bobbles the battle went OMT.

On the OMT Marc was focused on the win and put down a pair of great runs.

And with that Marc got the win and was on to the big show!

During the half time break his team worked feverishly to get all the bugs worked out of the car. Marc was facing Chelsea Denofa in the Top 16 so the car had to be on point.

Perry Performance and Competition always proud to support Marc!

With the Top 16 intro’s about to start the event was literaly sold out!

With the sun starting to set it was time for the main action to start. Starting with a bang you might say…

As soon as both cars initiated Marc felt something was off and slacked pace a little and boy was he right. Denofa went hard into the wall.

Not the proximity Marc was going for! The hit was so violent that it ripped the right wheel and suspension right out of the Mustang.

Denofa actually tried to fix his car but did not have enough time so all Marc had to do was complete his “lead” lap and he locked in the win.

Top 8 was not an easy one! Marc was going up against none other then Aasbo

Right away Marc was on him! The crowd was going crazy!

It was insane to see Marc sticking right to him the entire course!

Marc had a great lead run but Aasbo stayed with him pretty well.. It was looking like this could be going OMT.

Despite the crowds chants for a OMT the judges sided with Aasbo. Marc still put up a hell of a fight and a great show for the fans.

Overall it was a great weekend. Marc learn a bunch and now the new car is running perfect, Already cant wait to get back out on track!

Video recap for Marc Landreville at Formula Drift Canada round…

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Posted by Marc Landreville #11 on Friday, July 28, 2017

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