PBR Performance Racing Brake Fluid

PBR Performance Racing brake fluid, BF-600, has been specially formulated for racing applications to maintain viscosity and lubricity at extreme temperatures and has a typical dry boiling point of 312°C.

Rated as Racing DOT 4, this fluid has significantly higher dry and wet boiling points than DOT 5.1 fluids making it suitable for track and club racing. BF-600 can also be used on the street and is ideal for drivers with an aggressive driving style.

Selecting a brake fluid that matches the demands of the driver is critical in maintaining brake performance. Brake systems that consistently perform at high temperatures can cause standard brake fluids to boil, leading to a reduction in brake performance and possible brake failure.

PBR Brake Pads

PBR Deluxe

  • Standard city and freeway braking
  • Frequent stop and go conditions


  • Ceramic materials
  • Shimmed where recommended by engineering
  • Application specific formulations
  • Provides exceptionally long pad and rotor life, and resistance to heat
  • Low noise, minimal brake dust

PBR ULX Ceramic

  • Extreme high performance
  • Hard braking


  • Special ceramic formulation
  • Integral shim delivers quiet operation
  • High co-efficient of friction
  • Exceptional braking power with shorter stopping distances
  • High resistance to brake fade at high temperatures
  • Low-metal content


  • Frequent braking
  • High temperature braking


  • Designed for applications requiring the highest performance
  • Integral shim delivers quiet, operation
  • Premium quality, semi-metallic formula
  • Unique formula offers reduced brake dust, fade and squealt
  • Provides the ultimate stopping power under all conditions

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