MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS THAN ANY OTHERTM Carbon Metallic® race pads win more championships and are used by more professional racers than all other pads combined.

WHAT’S THE SECRET? The secret is inside the pads. It’s the physics and chemical sciences of the Carbon, the molecular structure, the interaction of the physical matrix, and the unique secret process required to produce Carbon Metallic®.

*Some things you can see on a dyno, and some things you can only see through years of vehicle testing with data acquisition.

It’s how the car responds to driver inputs,
And the rate at which the car reacts.
It’s how smooth it drives,
And how smooth it releases.
It’s how precise the braking is going to the apex,
And how much speed the tire can carry through the corner.

PFC has a more studied understanding of the finer characteristics of braking. Most pads are designed to a specific friction level, a specific shape of the torque curve on a dynamometer, or a durability requirement. Although that’s important, PFC takes it to the next level with a different strategy:


Compound Descriptions

01 Compound

01 is one of the most popular race compounds in the PFC’s arsenal. Slightly higher bite and torque for the first 2/3’s of the stop than 83 compound. At the end of the stop, 01 compound has less torque scatter for improved modulation with excellent release and a flat torque curve. 01 compound is very easy on the discs with very low wear, on par with 83 compounds.

01 Recommended Applications: 01 is recommended as an all-purpose pad in a wide variety of applications. NASCAR Short Track and Road Course NASCAR Speedway and Intermediate All Oval Track Race series IndyCar Professional GT Daytona Prototype SCCA Racing Porsche/BMW/Corvette/Viper Club Racing

06 Compound

06 compound pads are very similar to PFC 01 for both bite and torque, within 4% of those values. Excellent release and control with very low wear. Very low abraded disc wear with a “powdery type” transfer layer. 06 pads are an excellent alternative to other brands of endurance compounds but with much higher performance. Excellent for club racing type shapes as well in OE brake calipers where ABS is used.

06 Recommended Applications:    Endurance Sportscar and GT    NASCAR Short Track and Road Course Rear    NASCAR Speedway and Intermediate Rear    All Oval Track Race series Rear    SCCA Racing    Porsche/BMW Club Racing    Track Day and Driver Education events

07 Compound

PFC’s newest high bite and torque compound and has gained immediate favor in the NASCAR, Sportscar, and Open Wheel racing due to its unsurpassed performance. 07 have higher initial bite and higher average torque than any other PFC compound. 07 will have some friction rise with temperature for the most severe applications. The release and modulation characteristics are second to none. Very low abraded disc wear with a fine micronic polished disc finish. Despite its considerable performance, 07 will have slightly better wear than 05.  This compound demands the most from the vehicle setup and is designed to handle the most severe applications.

07 Recommended Applications:    For high grip, high down force, or severe duty applications.    NASCAR Short Track and Road Course    Indy cars    F-Nippon    Indy Lites    Professional GT    Daytona Prototype

08 Compound

08 compound is one of PFC newest and have gained immediate favor in Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. 08 have a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics, and very low abraded disc wear. In addition to its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches wear of the other competitors with much higher bite.

08 Recommended Applications:    24-hour Endurance Racing    Endurance Sportscar and GT    NASCAR Short Track and Road Course Rear    NASCAR Speedway and Intermediate Rear    All Oval Track Race series Rear    SCCA Racing    Porsche/BMW Club Racing    Track Day and Driver Education events

11 Compound

11 Compound is the ultimate in control, with super disc conditioning. Medium friction, developed from 01 compound with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. It is ultra smooth and developed to eliminate wheel locking at the end of a stop. Brake with confidence-brake without wheel lock.

12 Compound

12 Compound has 24 hour durability, a medium friction with great control and super disc conditioning. Developed from 08 compound with improved wear, modulation, and release characteristics. It is the ultimate in wear. Race the car without the intimidation of not being able to stop.

13 Compound

13 Compound is the ultimate in high bite, high friction with infinite control. Developed from 01 compound with increased bite, modulation, and release characteristics. Ultra smooth and great for tracks with high grip. This material won its first race on its first outing-it’s that good. It is the ultimate combination of high bite and infinite control.

90 Compound

This compound has been a favorite of race driving schools because of its modulation characteristics. Used exclusively at race schools such as Bob Bondurant, Derek Daly, and Jim Russell because of is forgiving nature. 90 Compounds is very easy on the discs, yet has higher cold bite than 83 compound along with less torque rise for improved modulation. 90 Compound has been replaced by 97 in most applications, but is still available in a limited number of applications.

90 Recommended Applications: Recommended for applications that demand good wear and modulation. GT SCCA Racing Porsche/BMW Club Racing

97 Compound

This compound has been a favorite of sportscar endurance racing although it’s initial development was through CART Champ Cars. 97 compounds have won races in CART, ALMS, Grand Am, and ASA. It is also a preferred pad for touring car and rally. Higher bite than 90 compound with slightly higher torque. Great modulation, very flat torque curve with enhanced release characteristics. 97 compounds are very easy on the discs, with very low wear. This compound is becoming a favorite of driving schools because it shares similar characteristics as 90 compounds but even less wear. Highly recommended as a general-purpose pad for all venues. (When out, refer to 01)

97 Recommended Applications: Recommended for applications that demand excellent wear and modulation. NASCAR Short Track and Road Course Rear NASCAR Speedway and Intermediate Rear All Oval Track Race series Rear Endurance GT SCCA Racing Porsche/BMW Club Racing Track Day and Driver Education events

PFC’s street pads are made with the same process and technology as our championship-winning race pads to give you stopping power that’s worthy enough for the track.

Carbon Metallic® delivers more stopping power than any other brake pad    –  Not a semi-metallic compound    –  Unique friction material outperforms ceramic and semi-metallic pads in noise and vibration tests      –  Meets all environmental standards—including newly passed copper limitations

Carbon Metallic® brake pads are unique in material and process—made of highly ordered Carbon Crystal structure molded through high density compression and processed though air craft quality heat treatment. These are not the run of the mill brake pads.

–  Pick ups
–  SUVs
–  Sports cars
–  Luxury cars
–  Taxis
–  Police cars

From the TRACK to the STREET.
PFC’s street upgrade rotors are made using the same materials and processes as our championship-winning race rotors. From design to raw material to final product, PFC’s street rotors are developed with the same passion and technology as our race rotors so you can experience performance that’s race-worthy.


  • Lightest Design
  • Longest-Lasting
  • More Stopping Power
  • Most Consistent
  • Best Cooling


  • FEA Designed Thermal Capacity
  • High Carbon Alloy with Molybdenum and Copper
  • Vanes turned OD and ID
  • More Consistent Microstructure
  • Patented Feed Forward Control Machining Process

We have spared no effort in making sure that each Performance Friction rotor is the best rotor you can buy. Take your vehicle to the next level. GIDDY UP.

The top racing calipers are set apart by the priorities of the design. At PFC, the priority is to make the car QUICKER. It’s what enables PFC to deliver the absolute best product.

Anyone who has driven a car with a PFC brake kit will agree that PFC calipers are in a league of their own. Once you drive em’ everything else becomes outright unworthy.

LIGHTER Innovative FEA optimized design for lightest total corner package.

STIFFER Monobloc design increases stiffness which allows for better pedal response, more control, zero vibration, and quicker release time.

COOLER Patented rocket nozzle insulators and superior piston caps reduce caliper temperature, increasing stiffness and reducing drag.

ZERO DRAGTM PFC’s advanced caliper design reduces drag to zero allowing the brake system to deliver maximum stopping power, faster transition time, and quicker pedal response.

And one last thing…

IT’S QUICKER. It’s simple. Eliminate drag in the braking transition, so you can power through the corner, with nothing holding you back. Where other calipers can rob you of valuable horsepower, Zero Drag Calipers ensure you maintain maximum horsepower for increased power and faster lap times.

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