Perry Performance & Competition is the main Quebec Distributor for Sparco products.

In 1977,  it was a time of some big accidents and the FIA had decided to try to make amends. Sparco made its appearance and effectively revolutionised the concept of safety.  It’s easy to have a dream when you’re young. The hard part is making it come true. That’s how Sparco started out, from the idea of two young drivers from Turin whose dream it was to make the world of competition racing, their world, a safer place to be.

Here at Perry, we carry a wide variety of products geared towards the safety and comfort of the racing drivier.  We carry Sparco’s full line of Racing Suits, Gloves and Shoes.  We also carry every FIA Approved Racing seat in our inventory.  Coupled with our experience in racing, this allows for a combination that no other store can offer; Quality Service, Quality Products, at a competitive price.

You can find Sparco’s Catalogue and more product information by visiting Sparco’s website. 

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