One of the most popular questions we are asked when people purchase a new race suit, gloves or helmet is:  “How do I clean it”, or “How do I keep it clean”.

The answer is simple:  With Molecule products.

Molecule has been the industry leader when it comes to cleaning solutions for all of the specialised materials found inside your race suit, gloves and Fire-Retardant underwear, namely Nomex and CarbonX.

Molecule provides premium care products for athletic equipment including performance apparel, protective equipment and vehicles.


The Molecule Wash is a concentrated formula that effectively cleans and removes contaminants that can cause odors and degrade the performance of fabrics such as Nomex, CarbonX and other FR fabrics.

Spot Remover

The Molecole solution for those tough spots and stains.  Essentially a Spray n Wash, Tide to Go, or OxiClean for technical fabrics.


The best way to keep your stuff clean is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place.  Enter the Molecule Protector.  Helps repel grease, oil and other liquids, and helps prevent fade from sunlight. Specifically designed not to reduce the performance of your fire-resistant clothing!


Use the Molecule Refresher to keep your clothing smelling fresh before throwing them into a bag for the weekend.  Avoids:  Trunk Smell, Airplane Smell and other odors when travelling.

Cleaner & Polish

A light duty Clean & Polish combined in one spray designed to remove rubber scuffs, bugs dirt and grime from your helmet and keep it looking clean including flat and matte finishes.  Save for visors!!


A sure way to end your day is not being able to see the finish line.  Use the Molecule Anti-Fog spray to improve your visibility by coating the inside of your visor, windshield & windscreens.  Designed to reduce and inhibit fog causing mostiure.

Rain Repel

Improves viability in wet weather by causing rain to bead up and fly off.   Designed for visors, windscreens, windshields, and goggles if you’re old school.

Helmet Refresher

Spray into your helmet to clean and remove bacteria that causes odors and doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of FR materials inside your helmet.


A heavy duty cleaner designed to keep all parts of your car and equipment clean.  Non-corrosive, and non-toxic formula that is safe to use on all plastics, paints, and finishes including flat and matte.


A light duty cleaner & polish all in one spray designed to keep your car looking good by removing rubber scuffmarks, bugs, dirt and oil.  Safe to use on all plastics, vinyl, paint and all finishes including flat and matte.

Adhesive Residue Cleaner

Designed to specifically remove the stubborn glue that never comes off from:  Vinyl, Wheel Weights, Bear-Bond, Duct Tape.

For more information on Molecule products, visit their website at: or contact us in store: 450-662-6927

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