Founded in 1959 and based in New Braunfels, TX, Simpson is the leading provider of critical motorsports safety equipment. Backed by best-in-class technical expertise, the Company has built a loyal following in the motorsports community among both professional and amateur drivers. Simpson’s comprehensive selection of advanced safety products includes head and neck restraints, helmets, racing suits, seat belts, off road vehicle seats, window nets, parachutes, racing gloves and footwear. In addition to the respected Simpson brand, the Company designs, manufactures and markets the leading HANS brand of advanced head and neck restraints.

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Simpson Carbon Bandit

Simpson Bandit

Simson Carbon Devil Ray

Sportsman Elite II – 1502211

Super Sport – 0602211

STD 1 Layer – 0302311

STD 2 Layer – 0402211

Revo – RV02581

Crossover – 1903221

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